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The cooking of eggs includes a variety of preparation techniques: boiled, fried, scrambled, omelets, souffl├ęs, poached, baked and used as a batter and in cakes and pastries. Eggs also come in several different varieties: hen, chicken, duck, quail, goose, turkey and ostrich. There are several different other types of eggs eaten around the world, in fact just about all eggs are eaten including wild, farm raised and reptile eggs.
Hen eggs are most commonly found in the West and come in a range of colors from white to light brown, dark brown or speckled dark tan. Hen eggs are great for baking and young children dishes.
Quail eggs are only about ¹/₃ the size of an hen egg and are the smallest of the commercial eggs found in stores and on farms today. Quail eggs have a delicate, light flavor with a creamy texture and dark speckled, pale shells. Often used as an attractive garnish, quail eggs can also be boiled an served on a half shell.
Duck eggs