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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Different Types of Kitchen Equipment

Just like knives there are lots (and I mean lots) of different types of kitchen equipment. From cutting boards and peelers to melon ballers/parisienne scoops, measuring cups and spoons to measuring bowls and scales. I could go on and on and on, you get the picture. It is no doubt that Chef's need a lot of equipment in order to put food on the table for customers every day and night. When it's crunch time during service, the tools you need is a hot rag or very thick towel (for grabbing hot pots, pans, etc.) and a pair of tongs. 

Equipment Used in the Kitchen
The peeler is a very indispensable kitchen tool with a slotted blade, designed for removing a thin layer from various fruits and vegetables. There are two main types of peelers, the Y-shaped peeler and the straight peeler. There is also the mechanical peeler, but it is not often used in the household nor the restaurant industry.

A whisk or whip is Beat, blend or whip certain foods to incorporate air for fluffier foams and blend or emulsify sauces without adding too much air.

Equipment used for receiving exact weights on food items. There are a few diferent types of scales; Digital (electric), Balance Beams, and the Spring balance/portion scales.

Mixing Bowl's and Pans
Usually stainless steel, made up of a nonreactive materials. Mixing bowls and pans are highly required in the kitchen. They are used for storing and prep work. 

Pots and Pans 
Large, medium, small, tall, short, etc. Stock pot, sauté pans, sauce pot, steamers, roasting pans, sheet pans, etc. This is another one I could on and on about. Different pans are used to cook and create different things. You wouldn't want to use a sauté pan to braise ribs.

Large Equipment
Then you have slicers, blenders, mixers, food processors, grinders. These tools are much needed also, some of them you can get by without using, but it will make you smile to have them.
There are kettles, fryers, microwave ovens, stove and ovens. Now these tools, you will be using. All of them, repeatedly!

A chef should be able to choose the right tool, in order to produce high quality foods. With that being said, a chef should also know how to properly clean and maintain their tools. You should know your tools and how the quality of your tools can either make or break your dish.